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About us

Dovetail Design is owned by Donna Carrigan and is member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). Donna is an NKBA certified master kitchen and bath designer (CMKBD) with more than 25 years of industry experience. She is also CAP certified by the NAHB, a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. Since 1989, she has worked extensively on mid- and high-end designs for kitchens, baths and other rooms for an extensive list of clients in the state of Maine and beyond.

Donna has been extensively involved in the Maine chapter of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, holding several positions including that of President. Donna has also served at the national level of the NKBA on the Board of Directors and several other councils, most recently the Advisory Council of Designers, Member Standards Committee, the National Nominating Committee, and most recently the Advisory Council of Dealers.

Why choose a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer?

A Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer specializes in the design, planning and execution of kitchens, bathrooms and other spaces throughout the home. Because of the extensive work experience and education requirements, only a select group of expert designers attain the CKD and CBD designation.

Certified Kitchen and Bath Designers are an integral part of the interior design profession, and are also distinctly different because of their specialization of practice. Similar to general interior design practitioners, CKBDs must meet common core educational requirements, adhere to various legal restrictions and regulations in practice, and follow a professional code of ethics. However, beyond these basic core commonalities, distinct differences exist because of the nature of the space to be designed and close relationship with the client.

The planning of kitchen and bath space requires unique design skills and knowledge because of the highly technical nature of the equipment incorporated into them, and the personal way that this environment affects the user.